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Maya Club Pattaya


located next to insomnia, Maya Club Pattaya brings the best of Indian culture under one roof.

Enjoy the best beats of Bollywood and all the music influenced by the Indian Sub-Continent right here in Pattaya.

Maya Club Pattaya is trendy, vibrant, sexy,  and is wall to wall with fun-loving people from all walks of life. If you haven’t tried it, now would be a good time for you to sample the music and dance scene at Maya Club.

The DJ station is set on the stage, playing exciting dance tracks that the party-goers love and dance along too.

Another central podium features beautiful girls leading the latest dance routines, with alluring, sensual dances that will set your pulse racing.

Yes, there are also other dancers who will entertain you. They are stunning girls with amazing midriffs, that will have your heart beating rapidly as they perform their routines.

It truly is a class venue, which has to be seen and enjoyed.


Considering this is a Walking Street venue, the drink prices are affordable.

You can select from all the well-known beers, vodkas, whiskeys, rums, gins, shot, liqueurs and so on.

Soft drinks are available for anyone how may be driving.

What People Say

Many people love the lighting show and describe it as awesome, complementing the music to perfection.

Others say the girls are beautiful or adorable.

You will find that everyone loves EDM style music, so if dancing and music is your thing, you will enjoy this excellent club.

Additional Information

They are known to arrange parties on luxury yachts too. Maybe you could enjoy one of these spectacular events.

Check their special events on their Facebook page for up and coming acts or parties that you can attend.


Reviews speak for themselves. People love this venue, its music, the girls and the light shows.

Give it a try and see what you think.


Call: 092 683 3805

Facebook : Mayapattaya123/

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