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New Pattaya Podacst show making Waves

TalkingHeads Podcast

 More than any other continent, Asia is currently the ultimate exotic destination for many Westerners. It is synonymous with spicy food, colorful costumes, bustling markets, crowded streets, and ancient temples. Asia is associated with Eastern mysticism, religions, mythologies, philosophies, and art forms that have entered in various forms into Western popular culture.  our studio is located in Pattaya Thailand the heart of fun and entertainment .

Now this new podcast show has opened up a whole new way for information and feedback

Studio Excitement

If you’ve never dipped your toes into the wide world of our podcasts, prepare yourself for your new obsession. 

From from spicy foods to Hot topics ,join us daily


 Have something exciting you would like us to talk about? Say it here.  We give a big shout to all our friends that connect with us online  …  Anywhere or across the universe, all you need to do is drop us a message.


 Kids have heads right???   Talking Heads Podcast is proud to announce an upcoming  featured “KidZcast” schedule of local and international fun, creative kids that wanna share insights and their experiences with Dave D and our local and global community.  

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