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Man scales tower during domestic conflict

Man scales tower during domestic conflict

Following a domestic quarrel, local officials were successful in rescuing a man who had mounted a communications tower. This terrifying occurrence took place on September 22 in Chonburi’s Panthong District, bringing to light the enormous difficulties people encounter when going through emotional upheaval.

Police learned upsetting information about a man who had mounted the enormous building, which immediately raised worries for his safety. This is when the situation started. The person, later identified as furniture salesperson Puwadol Thongklam, 42, had mounted the stairs
Puwadol was poised precariously atop the tower, exhibiting emotional anguish and seeming to be in a trance-like state. A woman who showed up at the site and introduced herself as “Bee” arrived during the hectic rescue operation. She confessed that she had kept in phone touch with Phuwadol and claimed to be his partner. After a two-hour, emotionally charged conversation, Bee finally persuaded him to leave the precarious height by exhibiting incredible patience and persuasion.
Following his safe fall, Puwadol was immediately taken to Panthong Hospital for a thorough medical evaluation and psychological care, along with Bee and their 2-year-old daughter. Puwadol and his partner have a history of arguments involving alcohol, according to preliminary investigations. A furious quarrel between the pair had set off this specific event, prompting Puwadol to start his desperate ascent while Bee sought safety with their child at a friend’s house.

Authorities expressed relief that nobody was hurt in the incident’s resolution. In order to determine the truth of the issue and to guarantee Puwadol’s and his family’s ongoing safety, the police will undertake a comprehensive investigation.

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