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Longlegs Trailer: FBI Hunts Nicolas Cage’s Disturbed Killer in New Horror Movie

Longlegs 2 Trailer

The Longlegs trailer reveals the FBI’s intense search for a deeply disturbed killer portrayed by Nicolas Cage. Directed and written by Osgood Perkins, son of Psycho star Anthony Perkins, this upcoming horror film follows a female FBI agent assigned to a cold case involving a serial killer known as “Longlegs” (Cage). As she delves into the investigation, uncovering occult evidence and facing increasing complexity, she discovers a personal connection to the killer and must act quickly to prevent another family member’s murder. The cast also includes Maika Monroe, Alicia Witt, and Blair Underwood.

The trailer introduces rookie FBI agent Lee Harker, who is tasked with capturing “Longlegs.” At the crime scene, the killer leaves clues tied to the occult and Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell. While the trailer doesn’t reveal much plot, it effectively uses terrifying visuals and sound design to heighten anticipation for the film.

Longlegs Is Already Heavily Hyped

Despite this being the second Longlegs trailer after an initial teaser released in early February 2024, the horror film is already generating significant hype ahead of its July release. This buzz is thanks to its creative marketing campaign and early rave reviews. Starting in January, the independent studio released various mysterious and eerie teasers without revealing the film’s title, instead using occult symbols to build intrigue. This innovative approach has significantly heightened anticipation for Longlegs.

Early reviews are calling Longlegs one of the best horror movies of 2024, praising its “nightmarish” story and visuals. One reviewer described it as a “contemporary Silence of the Lambs” and “the real deal” in horror. Nicolas Cage’s performance as the deeply disturbing serial killer has also garnered high praise. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, producers Ken Kao and Josh Rosenbaum commended Cage’s “truly terrifying” portrayal, calling Longlegs “the most iconic horror Cage.”

The latest Longlegs trailer continues to build excitement, showcasing the film’s haunting story, visuals, and sound design, and featuring a chilling glimpse of Cage’s creepy, whispery voice as the serial killer. With its release set for July, Longlegs is poised to captivate horror fans for months to come.

Credit: ScreenRant

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