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7 million baht gift BMW to famous preacher

7 million baht gift BMW to famous preacher

A social media sensation erupted when a nun and her disciples gifted a brand-new luxury BMW car worth 7 million baht to renowned preacher Luang Ta Sinsap at Wat Pa Bo Nam Phra In in Ubon Ratchathani. The announcement was made on Nun Chen’s Facebook page, who is associated with the same temple.

The post showcased images of a black BMW sedan with red license plates being presented to Luang Ta Sinsap, the head of the forest retreat at Wat Pa Bo Nam Phra In. This generous gesture was intended to support his frequent travels for religious duties, providing him with a valuable and suitable vehicle.

Nun Chen and her disciples collectively purchased the BMW 750e for Luang Ta Sinsap, aiming to facilitate his travels in promoting the virtues of Buddhism. The event was attended by numerous devotees who gathered to witness the offering and express their good wishes.

The luxurious BMW sedan, bearing Bangkok license plates, costs approximately 7 million baht. Many disciples were present to celebrate and show their appreciation, filling the event with joy and admiration. In response, Luang Ta Sinsap shared a brief message on his Facebook page to express gratitude for the expensive gift from his loyal followers, stating, “The students choose the teacher, the teacher does not choose his students.”

Luang Ta Sinsap, whose monastic name is Jarandhammo and also known as Phra Sin Khit, is the head of the forest retreat at Wat Pa Bo Nam Phra In. He has gained significant fame on social media for his unique preaching style, which combines simple, vernacular language with humor, making his sermons enjoyable and accessible. Additionally, he often incorporates contemporary social issues into his teachings, making Buddhist Dharma relevant and appealing to modern audiences.

Image courtesy of Nun Chen’s Facebook page

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