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Man kills Mother and 5Y-old daughter after bid to have sex fails

Man kills Mother and 5Y-Old daughter after bid to have sex fails

A man has been arrested for allegedly killing a woman and her five-year-old daughter whom he had given shelter at his house for the night after the mother refused to have sex with him.

Local police have identified the man as Hasan Jeha, a 30-year-old resident of Rangae district. He allegedly murdered Bismi Sulong, 27, and her daughter, Nasarin Mama, 5, who came from Cho Airong district. Pol Lt Gen Ronnasil Phusara, chief of the Provincial Police Region 9, told a news conference Thursday that Mr Hasan had been detained early on Tuesday. He added the suspect had admitted to killing the mother and the daughter before disposing of their bodies under a bridge about 2km from his house.

The bodies were found by a resident on Saturday and the police claimed a security camera in the area had captured Mr Hasan taking the victims’ bodies to the spot where he disposed of them. Police have seized from the suspect a knife with bloodstains, a gas stove he allegedly used in the crime and some clothes, shoes and other personal items belonging to the two victims, said Pol Lt Gen Ronnasil. Pol Lt Col Jeffrey Salaimanakul, deputy chief of Rangae district police, said Mr Hasan told investigators that he came across Bismi and her daughter who had run away from their home due to domestic problems. The suspect invited the mother and daughter to stay at his place for the night and they both agreed, according to Pol Lt Col Jeffrey.

Around 1am on Saturday, Mr Hasan, who also admitted to have taken drugs, became sexually aroused and asked to Bismi to have sex with him. She refused, angering the suspect, added Pol Lt Col Jeffrey. In a fit of rage, he allegedly stabbed her with the knife and hit her with the gas stove. He also killed the daughter who woke up during the incident, said Pol Lt Col Jeffrey, adding Mr Hasan later carried the bodies of the victims in a sidecar attached to his motorcycle to the bridge.

Police said Mr Hasan is an unemployed drug addict, while Bismi was a former wife of Masupian Mama, a suspect wanted by the security authorities in Narathiwat on multiple charges in several cases related to the insurgency. Masupian was killed by the authorities in 2013. After the press conference, the suspect was taken for a re-enactment of the crime.  Source: Bangkok Post


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