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Funny experience with sleepy taxi driver

funny experience with sleepy taxi driver

A TikTok sensation emerged from Pattaya as a Thai woman shared a hilarious encounter with a drowsy taxi driver. In her video, posted on May 21st, 2024, the woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, recounted an unexpected turn of events during her 3 AM taxi ride from Pattaya to Don Mueang International Airport.

As the journey commenced, the woman observed the taxi driver’s evident drowsiness behind the wheel, even witnessing him briefly nodding off. Concerned for their safety, she politely asked if she could take over driving duties. Surprisingly, the driver consented, retreating to the back seat to catch some shut-eye, while the woman assumed control of the vehicle.

Capturing the surreal moment, her friend documented the experience and shared it on TikTok, humorously narrating their impromptu role reversal journey from Pattaya to Don Mueang Airport, with the slumbering driver in tow. The viral clip, featured on Channel 7, garnered widespread attention on TikTok, with viewers applauding the woman’s quick thinking while some criticized the taxi driver’s lack of professionalism.

As of now, it remains unclear whether authorities will investigate the incident or if any laws were breached due to the driver’s sleep episode.

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