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Man attacked strangers gives himself up to police in tears

Man attacked strangers

A man stabbed random villagers while riding a motorbike has given himself up to the police in tears. The man claimed his actions came after the family stole all his hard-earned money. The man was wanted by police after using a knife to stab random road users. He earned some money from racing motorbikes but instead this money was stolen from him by the mother and brother. The incident took place in the main city of Khon Kaen Province on 15 August 2020. Out of stress the suspect jumped on a motorbike with a knife and attempted to stab random people. 

Credit: Khaosod

The suspect targeted 2 motorbikes on the road at the time. Fortunately, one driver was only slightly injured and the other lifted his leg out of the way just in time. The victims went to file a report with the police at the Muang Kao Police Station. Police started an investigation and found out his identity within a day. An arrest warrant was issued for Pingpong 28 years old, a local in the province. The man fled from the area before police could find him. 

Credit: Khaosod

Pingpong came to give himself up to the police at 10.00 on 19 August 2020 at the Khonkaen City Police Station. Pingpong admitted that he attempted to stab random strangers on the road. The suspect claims he wasn’t himself at the time because sadness and anger overfilled his emotions. The man told his story to the police while crying. Pingpong’s mother and brother had stolen his money and used it all. The money comes from motorbike racing. He had managed to save up some money, a car, and a motorbike. The suspect then spent some time in prison on drug charges. When he came out the money was gone and even worse the mother and brother had sold his vehicles for money and used it all up. Pingpong then lost control and tried to stab strangers out of anger. He has decided to come to give himself up to prove that there was no intention to harm anyone. 

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