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Mafia chasing Indian men from Pattaya beach wasn’t what it seemed, say police

Police in Pattaya have denied reports that an Indian tourist was chased off a beach by local mafia
Pol Colonel Apichai Krobphet from Pattaya police stated that he had interviewed all parties involved, none of whom were members of a mafia gang, as had previously been reported.
Pol Col Apichai said that the incident occurred between a group of Thais and Indians due to a disagreement over 3,000 baht.
According to police, both parties were known to each and do not have any mafia connections.
The incident occurred when Baldeep Singh Gultali and a friend were eating near the beach opposite the entrance to Soi 8.
Mr Gultali received a call from another Indian man called Gurwiwder Singh who asked him to transfer 3,000 baht to someone in India.
Mr Gultali explained he only had 2,500 baht in his account, so Mr Singh arrange for a Thai driver to deliver an extra 500 baht so Mr Gultali could make the transfer.
However, when the Thai driver arrived, he demanded a fee for having brought the money. Mr Gultali refused and a quarrel started. Mr Singh then arrived and some of his Thai assistants and the whole thing escalated as the group started brawling in the street.
A group of people who work on the beach then tried to calm the situation. However, this is where the misunderstanding occurred, police say.
A Thai tourist who saw the beach workers intervene reported to police that they had chased some the Indian men off the beach.
But that wasn’t the case. TP – EP

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