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Long Distance Haircuts – the newest trend

Long Distance Haircuts

Barbers in China have come up with a fantastic way to still keep working and style hair plus keeping that safe distance.

By attaching their tools to the end of long sticks, they are able to keep working.. and it not as strange as it sounds..Watch the video below.

Amid this virus outbreak, it is important to keep that safe distance from one another and Chine have done one better.

Hairdressers in masks have been captured on many videos with 4-foot long poles wrapped with brushes, hairdryers and shavers.

Talking with a barbershop owner from Henan Province, he told the press that,

“The tools do not work as well as when you hold them in your hand, but this is for the safety for us and for customers”.

Another stylist had uploaded a video of his colleagues giving the so-called long-distance haircuts in Luzhou, Sichuan Province os South-Western China.

Since the video was uploaded it has amassed well over a million likes. The barber had told the press that,

“Although the lockdown is finished, we still need to keep some distance”.

In China, health officials have advised that people are to keep a safe distance of 1.5 metres apart from each other.

The virus has claimed at least 3,205 lives and has infected over 93,500 people so far around the world.

Just recently China has seen a sharp fall in the number of new patients as other countries have now seen a rise in the number of people infected

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