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LionAir engine fire over Don Mueang

LionAir engine fire over Don Mueang

Following takeoff from Don Mueang Airport on Friday, one of Thai LionAir’s aircraft experienced an engine fire. The airline will look into the matter.

According to a source on Saturday, the plane took off at 11:10 a.m., but as it ascended to 6,000 feet, the passengers and crew could hear perceptible trembling.

After a passenger reported seeing sparks flying from the engine behind the right wing, the pilot turned off the engine and returned to the airport, where the aircraft touched down without incident at 12:05 p.m. A few travellers passed out and puked throughout the ordeal. There were no reported injuries. They applauded the captain for a safe landing despite their trauma.

A passenger shared a video of the pilot speaking with a passenger who told him about the sparks to the “@ben_benga” TikTok account. The pilot stated he was unsure whether a bird or a technical issue was to blame. The pilot indicated there will be an investigation.

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