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Less Police Checkpoints Saving Embarrassment

Police Checkpoints to be reduced with cameras to be used instead

A statement from Thai police has been released, stating that they have plans to reduce the number of checkpoints around the country and start using handheld cameras as a way of tackling road traffic offences.

The statement was announced by Mr. Jiraphat Phoomijit, from the Met’s Traffic Division, who said that he hopes it will pave the way for a much more efficient system.

The move comes after several reports from the police force that they were being embarrassed by members of the public filming when they have been stopped at the checkpoints, and posting the videos online. Removing the checkpoints and taking a simple photo of the offence will get rid of this problem, said Mr. Phoomijit.

So far, he has ordered 88 city wide stations in the Bangkok area to get quality cameras that will be capable of getting clear pictures including license numbers. They must record the day, time and location too.

Station chiefs will have the power to order the location of the officers with the cameras. They could be mobile patrols or static.

All pictures will be processed at the station and then the fines sent out via post. All this is in readiness for the new Order 44 which deals with traffic problems. Mr Phoomijit believes the new system will lead to more fines being paid, and on time, and of course, less embarrassment.

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