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Police Arrest Foreign HIV Suspect

HIV Suspect arrested after being on an International arrest warrant

At approximately 6:45pm on Tuesday January 17th, Police made the successful arrest of a Czech National who had been the subject of an International arrest warrant. The warrant went out after it was reported that Mr. Pfeifer had knowingly infected 15 men and a 15 year old boy with the HIV virus.

Mr. Zdenek Pfeifer, 52 years old, was arrested at his condo in Phuket, after a tip off from his landlord, who has seen his face across the Thai news.

The suspect had been seen earlier in the day by a member of the public at the local Tesco Lotus. The witness approached Mr. Pfeifer after seeing him the news also, but the suspect became nervous and made a quick getaway on his PCX motorbike. Mr. Pfeifer returned home later in the day to find the Police waiting for him.

Initially, Mr. Pfeifer tried denying who he was, claiming he was from Italy, however a quick finger print check confirmed to police his real identity.

Mr. Pfeifer had overstayed his visa here in Thailand, and has now been transferred to the Immigration Detention Centre in Bangkok. He is due to be extradited back to the Czech Republic in the next couple of days, where he will face charge for his crime.

Credit: Thairath

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