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Kind Pattaya motorbike taxi driver chases down tourist’s forgotten bag

A Pattaya motorbike taxi driver chased a public minivan around town to track down a computer bag left behind by a Japanese tourist.

Trirong Paijatturat, 39, presented the bag containing a notebook computer and important documents to Endo Hidenori Jan. 16 at Pattaya Police Station.

The taxi driver said he saw Hidenori walking around in a panic at the Pattaya City School 5 bus stop on Sukhumvit Road and inquired what the problem was. They couldn’t communicate, so Trirong used a smartphone translation app to talk to each other.

It seems the tourist forgot his computer bag in the minivan that brought him from Bangkok. Trirong got the Japanese man’s telephone number and sped off after the van without being asked or paid.

He tracked it down near Central Road, retrieved the bag and took it to Soi 9 where police contacted the tourist to retrieve it.

Hidenori said was not only grateful, but extremely impressed by the kindness shown by Trirong.




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