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UPDATE….Kuwaiti Tourist fight over Traffic Accident

A gang of Thai males clashed with Kuwaiti visitors in South Pattaya over a minor traffic mishap.
On Thursday, August 10th, police received a report of violence around 00:46 AM. It occurred in front of an unidentified Islamic eatery on Soi Yen Sabai in South Pattaya.

According to a CCTV tape and witness testimony, a Thai biker was involved in a minor traffic accident with a Kuwaiti visitor.

This sparked a verbal exchange before the tourist’s friends arrived on motorcycles to pick him up and take him away from the incident.

The Thai local, accompanied by several pals, allegedly followed and accosted them at a restaurant, resulting in a physical assault.

According to reports, the Thai man demanded reimbursement from the Kuwaiti man for the mishap, which the tourist refused.

Fortunately, Good Samaritans intervened and prevented both parties from gravely injuring each other. The two groups eventually parted, but not before causing significant property damage to the eatery.

Although the identities of those involved were not revealed, it was stated that the Thai biker went to the Pattaya police station to apologize and settle for the restaurant’s damage.

The Kuwaiti visitor, on the other hand, failed to appear, according to authorities. As a result, authorities decided to chronicle the occurrence for potential future legal action and check CCTV footage in an attempt to identify the Kuwaiti man, who may still be owed compensation for the mishap.

Pattaya officials met with rental motorbike operators to figure out how to keep these visitors from disrupting the public with their hired motorbikes.

They determined that operators must thoroughly check the identity documents of their Kuwaiti clients and keep a record of them in case such consumers engage in street racing and disrupt the public.

piture credit TPN

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