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killed wife with axe then stuffed head and limbs in a suitcase

A “jealous” engineer has confessed to killing and dismembering his wife with an axe, then packing her head and limbs in a suitcase, Russian authorities say.

Nikolay Tikhonov, 29, allegedly slaughtered his wife then threw torso from the window of their St Petersburg flat.

The alleged attack came after wife Lyubov, 24, demanded a divorce from her “controlling husband” who forbade her any contacts with other men, according to reports.

The couple had a daughter aged one.

Tikhonov was detained soon after her death.

In a video of his alleged confession released by the Russian Investigative Committee in St Petersburg, he can be heard to say calmly: “It is very hard now.

“I’m very ashamed in front of the parents of my wife.

“I regret what I did.

“I’m really ashamed and I regret I did this.

“I fully admit my guilt and regret. I’m very sorry.”

He allegedly killed his wife by striking her on the head three times with an axe, which he then used to dismember her body, according to law enforcement.

He put her head, arms and legs into a suitcase, and threw her torso from the window, authorities allege.

Neighbours heard the sound of the dismembered body hitting the ground and called the police.

Officers say they found him cleaning the family flat, and detained him.

The couple had been together four years and wed two years ago.

Neighbours told how he was “very jealous” and prevented her speaking even to male family friends.

He confirmed during his interrogation to jealousy, it was reported.

When she had demanded a divorce, he invited her for a meal in a restaurant on their wedding anniversary to try and change her mind.

But he also sent her death threats, say reports.

A criminal case for murder was opened.




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