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Injured Foreign Man Found Near Pattaya’s Walking Street

Injured Foreign Man Found Near Pattaya’s Walking Street

Officials from the Sawang Boriboon rescue center received a notification from a local resident regarding a foreigner who required assistance. The individual was found sitting on the sidewalk along Pattaya Sai 2 Road, near the Songthaew parking area close to the Wat Chai Mongkol intersection, with significant bleeding from the head. This location is situated just behind the popular Walking Street entertainment area.

Rescue workers promptly arrived at the scene to provide first aid. The injured man, displaying symptoms suggestive of intoxication, was unable to provide details of what had occurred and appeared disoriented, intoxicated, and bewildered. Mr. Suwitmon Lamun Anu, a 37-year-old Songthaew (Baht bus) driver, informed The Pattaya News that he initially discovered the foreigner in a confused state, visibly injured and in need of assistance, though the exact circumstances surrounding the injuries remained unclear.

The foreign man was transported to Pattaya City Hospital for medical treatment due to significant blood loss. Pattaya Police are conducting an investigation into the incident, exploring whether the injuries were self-inflicted due to a possible accident or caused by an external factor such as assault. The incident has raised concerns among both tourists and locals, underscoring the importance of swift and efficient emergency services in such scenarios.

The vicinity where the incident occurred is equipped with extensive CCTV coverage, and officials intend to review footage to ascertain the sequence of events. Any forthcoming announcements will be reflected in updates to this article at a later time.

credit TPN

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