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Man Captured On CCTV Performing Sex Acts On Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Man Captured On CCTV Performing Sex Acts On Inflatable Christmas Decorations

A bizarre and unusual criminal act has been captured on camera in the Lancashire town of Morecambe – a man was captured causing a fair bit of damage to someone’s Christmas decorations. Oh, and he also simulated sex acts on an inflatable Christmas tree.

Just another night out in Lancashire, then?

OK, so it is a bit early to be putting up the Christmas decorations – especially ones as fancy as these ones – but that doesn’t give you a free pass to fuck them in someone’s front garden.

Let’s hope the police find him, not just because he has vandalised someone’s property, but also because it would be funny to see a court case during which someone has to explain their exact motive for shagging an inflatable Christmas garden ornament.

The desecrated decorations belong to Denver Peel and his family. It’s safe to say that Peel really likes Christmas. In fact, he loves it so much that he has turned his entire front garden on the handily titled Morecambe Road into a Christmas grotto.

Peel spent around £3,000 on his beloved decorations, of which around £2,000 of damage was caused. The vandal also took a knife to quite a few of Mr Peel’s inflatables, that’s on top of the other – ahem – blunt weapon that he used to commit this atrocity.

He also snipped the wiring for some of the electrics for the decorations, totally ruining them. The whole display had taken five days to assemble, as well.

Despite it being a bit strange, it is actually no laughing matter. The man has caused a lot of damage to something that was bringing joy to children and adults in the area. That’s not very festive at all, is it?

The criminal acts took place at around 1am on Monday morning while Peel, his wife Kirsty, and their two children slept inside the house.

Peel told the Lancaster Guardian: “Kirsty went outside at about 7am and saw what had happened.

“We didn’t hear anything but it’s not nice to think someone has been in your garden in the middle of the night with a knife.

“The kids were gutted when they saw what had been done.”

He continued: “It’s not just for our children.

“We have had a lot of children coming over and taking pictures, and drivers have been stopping as well to have a look.

“We did it last year as well but this year we got more excited about it because we saw so many people stopping to take photos, so we put up more than before and were still adding to it.”

Peel has set up a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds to replace the decorations.

A spokesperson for Morecambe Police said: “We have got the CCTV and are investigating. If anyone knows who it is, they can give us a call on 01524 596985 to let us know.”

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