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In terms of orders Boeing surpasses Airbus in Q1 2023

According to information from the manufacturer’s most recent quarterly reports, while Airbus and Boeing delivered a comparable number of aircraft in Q1 2023, Boeing outpaced Airbus in net orders. 

Despite pauses, delivery numbers are strong

While Boeing had to temporarily halt 767F deliveries in Q1 2023, including those of the 787 and its military variant, the KC-46A, it still managed to deliver more aircraft than Airbus.

In total, Boeing supplied 130 aircraft to clients in Q1 2023, the majority of which (111) were 737 MAX models. The US firm also shipped two P-8 Poseidon models, which are 737 NextGeneration (NG) derivatives for the military. Additionally, it delivered the final 747 to Atlas Air, along with 11 Boeing 787s, 4 777Fs, 1 767-300F, and 4 777Fs during the quarter.  Due to a problem with a supplier, who did not properly clean and paint the central wing fuel tank, the manufacturer was compelled to cease deliveries of the 767F and the KC-46A.

Although it wasn’t a serious safety concern, it may have led to blocked fuel filters and a consequent reduction in fuel flow to the jet’s engines. On February 23, 2023, Boeing reported that it had discovered a “analysis error by our supplier related to the 787 forward pressure bulkhead” and that deliveries of the 787 will now be suspended. In March 2023, deliveries started once again.

Of the 11 Boeing 787s delivered by the OEM in Q1 2023, eight were out of stock because they had been in the air for years or months before being delivered, according to AeroTime’s examination of data from The 737 MAX was Boeing’s best-selling aircraft, just like with deliveries, garnering 78 orders from several carriers, including Japan carriers and Greater Bay Airlines. Boeing 787-9s were ordered by EVA Air and Lufthansa in quantities of five and seven each, while orders for eight 787-8 and seven 787-10 aircraft were concluded by two unnamed clients.

Finally, 15 KC-46A Pegasus refuelers were ordered by the United States Air Force (USAF).

Boeing received 120 orders in all during the first quarter of 2023. 

Most deliveries are of narrow-body aircraft.

Similar to Boeing, throughout the first three months of the year, Airbus’ deliveries and sales were dominated by narrow-body aircraft, particularly the A220 and A320neo families.

In total, 127 aircraft from Airbus were delivered in the first quarter of 2023: 10 A220-30, 2 A319neo, 45 A320neo, and 59 A321neo. Only 11 wide-body aircraft, including one A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT), five A330-900neo, and five A350-900s, were delivered.

In addition to its most recent A350-1000 and A330-800neo deliveries in November and December of 2022, respectively, Airbus also made its final A220-100 delivery in October of that year. All three programs have modest backlogs, and as of March 2023, Airbus still has 104 A350-1000s, four A330-800neos, and 37 A220-100s to deliver to clients all around the world.

In parallel, throughout Q1 2023, Airbus added 50 A321neo and 23 A350-1000 aircraft back to the backlog from Qatar Airways following the resolution of their legal dispute regarding surface paint degradation on the aircraft type, and Lufthansa placed an order for 10 A350-1000s. The A220-100 or A330neo, meanwhile, have yet to get a single order.

Following 14 cancellations, Airbus received 142 net new orders (69 subtracting Qatar Airways’ purchases). The A320neo family was its best-selling product: A319neo, 27 A320neo, and 60 A321neos (ten omitting Qatar Airways) were all sold by the manufacturer. Twelve A220-300, four A350F, and five A350-900 aircraft have also been ordered by British Airways, Delta Air Lines, and possibly KLM.

According to Airbus papers, the four A350Fs were related to an unidentified customer. KLM revealed that it had ordered the four freighters in January 2023, and that Martinair, a subsidiary, would eventually operate them.

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