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In various occasions, Pattaya’s transgender thieves target males from India

A long-standing fable has happened again.

Two Indian males from Pattaya both reported seeing transgender people stealing on the same night. Both times, the victims’ gold necklaces were ripped from their necks by the criminals.Nagasesha Reddy Neeruganti, 34, was walking with companions near Soi 13 along Pattaya Beach when the first event happened. He was hugged by a transsexual person who then removed his gold necklace, which was valued 66,000 baht, from his neck. The burglars then rode off on a motorcycle. This incident took place just five meters away from a police station. While attempting to pursue the culprits, Neeruganti and his friends were unsuccessful.

The Pattaya City Police received a report of a similar event from 33-year-old Indian businessman Gurdeep Singh. He stated that when he was out and about on Pattaya Second Road, two trans people attempted to hug him before stealing his gold necklace, which was worth 26,000 Baht, and swerving off.

Uncertainty exists regarding whether the two sets of suspects in these crimes are the same people, according to Captain Puttaruk Sornkamharn of the Pattaya City Police. Police are, however, looking through CCTV footage for more details and potential legal action. This information was released less than a month after another transgender person stole something in Pattaya.After she robbed a gold shop in Pattaya on April 26, police captured a transwoman changing her hair color at a salon. At 11.20 a.m., the suspect broke into the Phet Thong Wanida jewelry shop in Pattaya’s Soi Nern Plub Wan and grabbed two gold necklaces, each weighing 2 baht.

The suspect, according to the police, entered the store while wearing a face mask and asked to try on two gold chains before speeding off on a motorcycle parked in front of the business. The robbery was reported to Pattaya Police by the business owner, who immediately began following the suspect’s whereabouts. Police apprehended the woman four hours later as she was coloring her hair at a salon.

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