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In 96.69% of the Songkran court cases, drunk driving was involved.

According to the Department of Probation, 8,575 drunk driving charges made up 96.69% of all motoring-related cases that the police brought before the courts during the seven days of Songkran celebrations in order to request that the drivers be placed on probation.

However, the courts only mandated drivers be placed on probation in 1,910 of the cases. These include 40 of the 270 instances of drinking and driving and 1,870 incidents of drunk driving.

Between April 11 and April 17, the three provinces with the most reports of drunk driving were Bangkok (530), Roi-Et (473) and Chiang Mai (458).

The number of drunk driving incidents throughout the course of Songkran last year was 7,141; this year, it was 8,575, a 20.08% rise.

Weerakit Hanpariphan, director general of the Department of Probation, stated that all drivers who have been put on probation will have to undergo screening to determine their drinking habits. If it is found that any of them are currently addicted to drugs or alcohol or are at risk of developing an addiction, they will be sent for treatment.

He stated that drivers who are at-risk of recidivating will be subjected to boot camp-style behavioral reform for three straight days and will also be expected to regularly report to probation officials and participate in social services.

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