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Thai woman believes ‘Ghost Rider’ pushed over Harley Davidson in the middle of the night

It seems like even Thai ghosts can’t help from crashing when they’re on motorbikes.

CCTV captured the moment a spirit appeared to push over a Harley Davidson that was parked outside a woman’s house.

Nong Sut, 27, was shocked when she woke to find the damaged Harley HD 48 on its side.

She checked the CCTV cameras around her home in Samut Prakan, Thailand, and was terrified when she saw what had happened.

Footage shows how the bicycle’s lights started flashing repeatedly before the 750,000 baht bike toppled over.

Nong, a shop owner, now believes a poltergeist Hells Angel had commandeered the priceless motorcycle for a night time spin.

She said there was no sound coming from the bike – so does not believe that the alarm system had been set off.

Nong added: ”We have CCTV all around the house so we can see everything that happened. Nothing ever went near the Harley.

”There was damage to the brakes, scratches on the pipes and part had broken off. This is not something we would do ourselves.

”We are still unsure of what happened. We are looking for causes. Everybody who has seen the video thinks it is crazy.

”I think that it could be a ghost who started playing with motorcycle at night and pushed it over. Like the movie Ghost Rider. The ghost could be the spirit of someone from the Hells Angels.”

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