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Hospital sends wrong body home with relatives

wrong body

A hospital has apologized after sending the wrong body back home with relatives claiming the officer working in forensic laboratories during the time was new and inexperienced. Relatives picked up the body and were almost home when an employee from the hospital called them to inform them of the mistake. Relatives were shocked as it wasn’t clear who it was and why are they taking them home. The hospital admits the mistake and apologizes to the relatives. The story went viral after it was posted online. The post stated that Suratthani Hospital sent back the wrong body home. 

Relatives almost arrived home in Phatthalung Province from Suratthani Province when the hospital called them. An employee called the family and stated they had the wrong body and stated they needed to go back for the right body. The Facebook User stated that his grandmother had just passed away while receiving care at the hospital. The family went to pick the body up and needed to take it back home in Patthalung Province for the funeral. They were driving and almost arrived when the family received a call from the hospital stating that the person in the car wasn’t the grandmother. It was exactly like a scene in a movie, the family members all asked then who is with them? The employee stated the bodies were accidentally mixed up. 

Doctor Somsak Nilpong from the Suratthani Hospital revealed the hospital has already admitted their mistake and apologized to the affected family. The officer who was working that night feels terrible for making such a big mistake. He is still sorry for accidentally sending home the wrong body. Although he feels sorry, the hospital cannot let the mistake go unpunished so the officer has received a warning and had to write a report on the incident. The hospital believes it is from the lack of experience, the officer is a newcomer at the hospital. 

Credit: Sanook


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