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Import of legal migrant workers from neighboring countries

The Ministry of Labour is pursuing the import of legal migrant workers from neighboring countries to meet with an increase in demand for alien workers following the country’s reopening.

Unregistered migrant workers currently working in Thailand are encouraged to register for their legal status by the end of this month.

The Ministry of Labour is to increase the quota for migrant worker import through government-to-government Memorandum of Understanding with neighboring countries, in an effort to discourage illegal border crossing for work and meet the increase of demands for workers as more businesses reopen.

The Minister of Labour Suchat Chomklin said he has urged related agencies to work closely with security agencies on the suppression of illegal migrant smuggling along the border while providing a way for unregistered migrant workers currently in Thailand to obtain their legal status.

The Ministry of Interior on Friday issued a ministerial announcement allowing unregistered migrant workers to register themselves to obtain their legal work and stay permit.

Provincial employment offices are now encouraging employers to have their workers registered. This scheme does not apply to people who cross into Thai borders illegally.

This registration scheme is only available until 30 December.

The Ministry of Labour expects to receive 100,000 more registrations, on top of 500,000 registrations it has already received.

The Department of Employment will on 11 November be holding talks with related government bodies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Public Health, and the Royal Thai Police to conclude the guideline on additional migrant workers import.

This guideline, which involves the Ministry of Public Health due to COVID-19 concerns, will need to be submitted to the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration and the Cabinet for final approval.


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