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Illegal firearm’s deal, two suspects arrested

Two Thai men were detained by Pattaya police as they were operating an illegal gun shop right in the middle of the city. The defendants, who have been identified as Nattanat, 26, and Nawee, 34, were hunted down after police received a tip that helped them find a possible illicit deal involving a.38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver.

Pattaya police set up an undercover meeting to discuss the shady deal with the accused after receiving a tip. By posing as potential purchasers and negotiating the price down from 33,000 baht to 30,000 baht, the police were able to get key proof of the illegal transaction.

The suspects pulled out the.38 caliber handgun during the exchange, which took place at a condo in the South Pattaya neighborhood. Law enforcement personnel went in to make the arrests in a well-planned operation.

Both suspects were apprehended without putting up a fight. The police also made arrests and seized a pistol with a caliber of.38 and six rounds of ammo from it. Smith & Wesson was the brand of the gun, which raised questions regarding the origin and availability of illegal weapons in the city.

When questioned, Nattanat and Nawee both admitted to taking part in the sale of the illicit firearms. Under Thai law, selling firearms without the required authorization is a serious crime, and the suspects are currently being held fully accountable for their conduct.

To ascertain whether the seized firearm is registered, authorities will carefully inspect it. Additional charges will be pursued against the suspects if it is discovered that the weapons were illegally obtained or that they were not registered, underscoring the seriousness of the act. Justice will now be pursued in order to maintain the law and safeguard the community from the risks presented by illicit firearms as the matter moves forward through the legal system.


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