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Pickup Gets Rear-Ended

A Honda has crashed straight into the back of a Pickup in Bangkok

Police were called to the scene of a major accident in Bangkok between a pickup truck and a Honda, but couldn’t quite believe what they found.

The crash took place on the Rama 2 road, to the west of Bangkok yesterday afternoon and involved 4 vehicles in total. Traffic came to pretty much a stand still for several hours and caused mayhem for travellers.

When police eventually arrived, they found the Honda to be underneath the truck. Police are still unaware as to what actually caused the crash as all parties involved are strongly denying any wrong doing.

Luckily, only two people were injured in the pile up, and they were both taken to the local hospital to be treated and make a full recovery.

The travel authorities have been introducing new schemes recently in an attempt to reduce accidents on the roads, so incidents like this do nothing to improve confidence. Thailand currently holds 2nd place in the world for highest road fatalities with only Dominican Republic ahead of them. This is a major issue that the Thai authorities are currently trying to tackle.

Where would you start?

Source: Thairath

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