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Huge ball washes up on Japan beach

weird ball Japan beach

The apparition of a massive metallic ball that has washed up on shore has left police and locals in a seaside town in Japan perplexed.

On Tuesday, a local woman found the weird object washed ashore on Enshu Beach in Hamamatsu City and reported it to the authorities.

Authorities quickly roped off the area and summoned in explosive experts wearing protective gear to look into the matter further; but, other than determining that the object was not dangerous, they are still unsure of what the sphere is or where it came from.

The item, which has a circumference of around 1.5 meters and appears to be rusty, may be constructed of iron, according to local media reports.

Moreover, it has a number of metallic grips that would enable it to be connected onto something else. A series of X-ray scans revealed that it is entirely hollow.

The Japanese coast guard and self-defence forces have since received photos for additional review.

Although the sphere has garnered a lot of public attention amid a surge of rekindled interest in UFOs, not everyone has been charmed by its appearance.

One local man who frequently runs on the beach explained his confusion over the ball’s unexpected rise to prominence in an interview with national broadcaster NHK.

He told the outlet that it had been there for a month. I attempted to push it, but it was immovable.

Whilst there has been much conjecture about the object’s origins in light of the recent appearance of spy balloons from China, mooring buoys, which are generally used in place of anchors, are the thing the ball most closely resembles.

The report comes after several “unidentified objects” that had been seen in US and Canadian airspace over the previous month were shot down by American fighter fighters

Early last week, Vice President Biden disclosed that the targets shot down were likely routine research balloons.

Although we still don’t know exactly what these three objects were, there is currently no evidence to imply they were part of China’s spy balloon program or that they were foreign monitoring equipment, Biden stated.

The suspected surveillance balloon, according to China, was just intended for research purposes.

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