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Hi-So’s out of control: “Porsche Man” wanted for savage attack on pregnant girlfriend

Hi-So’s out of control: “Porsche Man” wanted for savage attack on pregnant girlfriend

An infamous hi-so man involved in several high profile road accidents has now attacked his pregnant girlfriend, the family allege.

Pictures of the two month pregnant woman covered in blood at a Bangkok police station and later a hospital were posted online by the victim’s elder brother who said it was time to prosecute the assailant.

They intend to go after him to the full extent of the law.

The man has not been named but is well known and well connected in Thailand.

Daily News reported it is the same man who drove his Mini Cooper into three people at the scene of an accident in 2012 and who hit a pedestrian and motorcyclist in his Porsche just last month.

Pictures of the white Porsche rammed into a tree were published online.

But the latest incident maybe the worst yet said Khun Shane Rajatabhaiboon, the elder brother of a woman called just Jeena.

He posted pictures on his Facebook page calling for the arrest and prosecution of the man who has been romantically involved with his sister for seven months.

He told Daily News Online that his sister called him as she was being attacked and he told her to get out of there and go to the police.

He said that the man knew his sister was pregnant with his child but still attacked her and smashed her tablet and phone, items that were pictured covered in blood.



Jeena went to Sai Mai police where her brother joined her and was shocked to see her covered in blood and bruises to many parts of her face, legs and arms.

She was thereafter taken to hospital so that a report could be made of her injuries. Fortunately, Jeena had not miscarried.

Her brother Shane said that his sister was owed 150,000 baht that the man had refused to repay and he was also making her pay maintenance fees at the property where he lived, he said.

He alleged that his sister had been attacked by him many times before but this was the worst.

Now he called for the man to be brought to justice with the full weight of the law saying that the family will not be able to be bought off.

Stories have circulated in the past that the man had tried to buy off one victim to the tune of a million baht.

Tnews also weighed in with a story connected to the alleged assault after they quoted controversial human rights lawyer Songkan

Atjariyasap as saying that it was of concern that the victim had been taken to the police before going to the hospital.

Source: Thai Visa

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