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German reporter makes up story about the Thai police corruption

A German man who was arrested in Pattaya last year for having sex with an underage girl has denied allegations that he paid a 1 million baht bribe to the Thai police. He claims that a German reporter distorted and sensationalized his story in order to attract public attention.

The man’s arrest came after a police raid on the Cobra Beer Bar in Pattaya, where human trafficking was suspected. During the raid, it was discovered that the bar was procuring underage girls to provide sex services to customers. The British owner of the club and his Thai wife were arrested, along with the German man who had engaged in sex services at the establishment.

After his arrest, a German reporter made a documentary about the case, which alleged that the German man had paid a bribe to the Thai police in order to have the charges dropped and return to Germany.

Following these serious allegations against the Thai police, an investigation was launched into the alleged corruption. Deputy Commissioner Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn of the Royal Thai Police traveled to Germany to follow up on the case and meet with the German man.

During the investigation, the German prosecutor, whose identity was not disclosed, explained that the German man had been arrested and questioned upon his arrival in Germany. The man admitted to visiting the nightclub and engaging in the sex service, but he claimed that he was unaware that the girl involved was underage. He further explained that he paid 1 million baht for bail, as required by law, but did not offer any bribes to Thai officials. He added that due to a congenital


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