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Swiss man admitted to killing his wife in Nakhon Ratchasima

A Swiss man, identified as Mr. Roland, who is the second husband of a Thai woman named Ms. Orathai Posingam, has confessed to killing her, according to Amarin TV. Ms. Orathai inherited 13 million baht from her first Swiss husband, who passed away in 2021. She had been missing since January 8.

During police questioning in Khon Buri district, Nakhon Ratchasima province, Mr. Roland confessed to strangling Ms. Orathai to death during a heated argument. He then allegedly carried her body on a motorcycle and dumped it in a cornfield around 6km away from their home.

The couple had quarreled on the night Ms. Orathai went missing. They had been living in the northeastern province for the past two years. Despite efforts to locate her, including a search by a scuba diving team, no trace of Ms. Orathai or any suspicious elements related to her disappearance have been found.

Prior to his confession, Mr. Roland had been staying mostly at home, only leaving to have coffee or meals and meet with the police. His behavior raised suspicions, especially after Ms. Orathai’s younger sister informed the police about her leaving her shoes and clothes behind.

A radio show host, who is one of Mr. Roland’s close friends, revealed that the couple used to visit a coffee shop in Khon Buri every morning. He had become acquainted with Mr. Roland through his younger brother, who had been residing in Khon Buri for a long time. They often met for coffee in the mornings.

After Ms. Orathai’s disappearance, Mr. Roland expressed concern about the suspicions surrounding him in the community. However, he insisted that his wife left on her own for personal reasons and would return soon. He believed she was alive and running away due to gambling debts, despite their previous arguments about her gambling habits.

It is important to note that this information is based on available reports and police statements. The investigation into Ms. Orathai’s death is ongoing, and further details may emerge as the case progresses.

Photo credit to Amarin News


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