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Game of Thrones’ returns as 200,000 Britons stay up late

Game of Thrones’ returns as 200,000 Britons stay up late

Fortunately, because I live in Thailand I never had to wait up late, I just watched the new Episode next day. However, statistics show that almost 200,000 Britons stayed up till 2 am on Monday to watch the new Game of Thrones.

All the new episodes of the program are running at the same time on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK. Viewers from the east coast in the US can enjoy episodes at a peak time of 9 pm. However, this massive difference in the two time zones means that fanatics of the show had to wait until the middle of the night for the premiere.

Yes, I have seen the latest episode and I really do enjoy the show, but I am far too lazy and love my sleep, so I would have just gone to bed and watched it the next day.

On Monday, the Daily Star had used the front page of their paper as a warning and boldly declare “millions of Britons will call in sick” after staying up to watch the show.

It turns out that only a small number of people decided to lose sleep in anticipation of seeing who dies next or any new nude scenes. Most people in the UK decided to go to bed and watch the show in daylight hours.

According to Barb (Broadcasters Audience Research Board), 3.4 million UK people tuned in to watch the Monday 9 PM repeat slot which makes Game of Thrones the most watch for a non- sport event on Sky Tv.

Game of Thrones is also being shown on  Now Tv, helping its customer base and its race to catch up with Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, they have a long way to go as Now Tv has a mere 1.6 million subscribers to Netflix that has a whopping 10 million.

In the US, Game of Thrones has a massive live audience of 17.4 million for tv and online. I felt sorry for those people who live in China, as they complained that 6 minutes had been cut due to the country’s film censors’

So you tell us, did you stay up late to watch the show, or did you just wait and catch it the next day?

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