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Free Food in NO Cash And Dash

Free Food in NO Cash And Dash

The initial incident occurred at a restaurant known as “Yum Workshop” in Soi Khao Talo, Nongprue subdistrict, Banglamung district, Chonburi province. At 6:44 p.m. on September 26, an unidentified Thai male entered the restaurant claiming to be a soldier from the Naresuan Camp.
He stated that he had arranged to meet colleagues at the restaurant for a business discussion. He then placed an order for an assortment of dishes and three bottles of beer. After nearly two hours of dining alone, three males joined him. However, after approximately thirty minutes, the restaurant staff observed that the man who had ordered the food had vanished, leaving only three men with empty plates.
When feeling suspicious, 41-year-old Ms. At this juncture, three of them responded innocently that they had never met the man before and that he was actually a customer who had earlier in the day expressed interest in purchasing a curtain from their shop.
The three men explained that the man had just entered their establishment and claimed he needed a new curtain for his boss’s residence. He then arranged to meet at the restaurant Yum Workshop.
As scheduled, the three men proceeded to the restaurant. During the conversation, this man abruptly stood up and pretended to speak on the phone with his supervisor. He subsequently vanished without returning to the table.

The surveillance footage revealed that the elusive individual had fled the restaurant on a motorcycle. The restaurant lost a total of 1,065 Baht as a result of this man’s dining and fleeing. The three men, on the other hand, returned to their store because they were not involved.

Ms. Wasna warned other business proprietors to be wary of this dishonest client. It is unclear whether she will press charges against him.
In the meantime, it has been alleged that another local eatery in Pattaya suffered the same fate in early September. The restaurant called “Glin Krok Glin Sak,” located on Soi Chaiyaphruek, Nongprue Sub-district, Banglamung district, Chonburi province, posted a warning message on Facebook that they had been tricked by the suspect who bore a resemblance to the aforementioned individual.

Ms. Woraporn Michaya, 32, verified that it was the same man after viewing the CCTV footage from the first robbed restaurant and observing the suspect’s image. She recalled to The Pattaya News reporters that on September 1, a man claiming to be a soldier from the Naresuan Camp ordered a complete table of food and one bottle of beer from her establishment.
The man informed the restaurant personnel that he would wait for his Korean soldier friends. Afterwards, he dined for nearly two hours and, at one point, lied about needing to pick up his companions. The restaurant staff, believing him to be a genuine soldier, permitted him to depart on the condition that he would return. However, after approximately fifteen minutes, the male did not return, and Ms. Woraporn realized she had been deceived.

The total bill for the man’s meals and beer was 800 Thai Baht. According to Ms. Woraporn, this defeat was especially disheartening because her restaurant was struggling.
Further investigation revealed that the dine-and-dasher had previously committed crimes of a similar nature. In August 2023, he departed a Pattaya restaurant without having paid his 800-baht bill. To gain the victim’s trust so he could exit the restaurant, he employed a decoy strategy by leaving an empty phone case and a pack of cigarettes.

Several months prior, the individual claimed he worked for a prominent politician in Pattaya and left an unpaid bill of 1,000 baht.


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