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Foreigner detained for causing traffic disruption.

Foreigner pattaya one Feb 19 2024

Pattaya police were called to respond to a foreign man causing a public disturbance on February 17th, 2024, as he walked into the middle of traffic at the intersection of Pattaya Klang Road.

Upon their arrival, officers discovered the man, who was shirtless, walking erratically in the street, causing a minor traffic disruption as reported by local media.

Concerned for both the man’s well-being and that of others, officers made efforts to communicate with him. However, due to his apparent intoxication, this proved challenging. To maintain order and ensure public safety, Pattaya police decided to detain the unidentified individual and took him to the Pattaya Police Station for further investigation. The man’s identity and nationality have not been disclosed at this time.


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