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Foreign Couple Attacked by Bar Girl in Soi 8

A Foreign couple have been attacked by an angry bar girl

A Video has been doing the rounds online after an older British couple were attacked by a bar girl in Soi 8, Pattaya, after an argument broke out.

The bar girl is seen to take her shoe of an smash it over the head of the 63 year old man. She then turns her attention to the woman and starts yanking and pulling at her dress, before turning back towards the man for a few punches and kicks to finish the job off.

The attacker told police that the couple had refused to pay the full bill at the bar, claiming that they could get the drinks cheaper in 7 eleven. This caused the bar girl to lose her temper and start attacking the couple.

The victim, Mr. David Lodge turned up at the Pattaya police station at around 1:30am with a nasty looking black eye and a cut to his forehead. After making his complaint, police made their way down to Patsy beer bar on Soi 8. A Miss Rungnapa Pleumjai, 43, from Udon, was their to greet the officers and answer any questions they had for her.


She said that a group of foreigners had come drinking in the bar. But after the bill was added up a man refused to pay all of it because the bar was selling at a price higher than a convenience store.

She said she calmly explained to the tourist that this was, in fact, a beer bar and not a convenience store, and the prices were obviously going to be higher, the same as any other country. The customers still refused to pay full price, and Miss Pleumjai admitted that she lost her temper and proceeded to attack the customers.

She was taken down to the police station where video footage of the attack was looked at as further evidence, and police concluded that the bar girl would be charged.

She was charged with assault and causing serious bodily harm.

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