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Thai Man Left Fighting for his Life after Bike Crash with Foreigner

Bike Crash leaves Thai Man Fighting for his Life

At around 9:00pm on February 2nd, Pattaya police and emergency services were called to the scene of a bike crash involving a Thai and a foreigner.

The incident took place on Thepprasit Road, close to Soi 11.  At the scene police found Mr. Armin, a 60 year old German tourist, and his girlfriend with some minor injuries. The other victim, a 24 year old Thai man, was lying in the middle of the road, struggling to breath and fighting for his life.

Emergency treatment had to be carried out at the scene, including CPR, by the paramedics before it was considered safe to transport the body to a local hospital for further treatment.

One eye witness to the incident told police that he had seen Mr. Armin driving down the road pretty slowly, as if he was looking for a turning. He then started to turn into his Soi, presumably where he lives. At that point, the eye witness saw the Thai man coming from behind at high speed, but he couldn’t break in time and ended up crashing.

Speaking to Mr. Armin, he told police that he had been out with some friends and had been driving home with his girlfriend.

Accidents like this seem to be happening more and more these days and police made a statement urging drivers to lower their speeds when driving. Even late at night when there are less cars and traffic around, some of the roads in and around Pattaya are not in the best condition, and it’s very easy to lose control of your bike, especially at high speed.

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