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Toscano Mall Shopping Pattaya

Toscano Shopping Mall

Toscano Mall Shopping Pattaya

For true experts

in leather and fur

Toscano Company was founded in Italy in 1996. The Company works leather into fine leather clothes and goods. The basic used material is lamb leather which is processed with the latest modern technologies.

Laser cutting allows to make leather 0,4 mm thin (silky leather) and laser dyeing helps apply different patterns.

The leather is dyed with the help of a natural colouring method – the leather is soaked in dyes for 2-3 weeks. When soaked with silicone, it becomes water-repellent.

Exquisite goods

Toscano Leather and Fur has got an area of 3000 sq. m., accommodates about 10000 leather and fur goods.

The VIP room presents to you the most elegant and exquisite goods made from leather and fur and python and crocodile skins.

The guests have got a splendid opportunity to see the show featuring the latest collection.

Toscano has taken their lead from the flamboyant nature of the cabaret shows which make Pattaya so famous.

The 2,400sqm of the shop floor is housed in a glistening white building which is almost temple-like, with its Grecian columns and extravagant, statue-strewn entrance hall.

The wares on sale include very high-quality furs and leatherwear, with a large range of jackets as well as bags, shoes, belts, ties, and accessories, some of which are uniquely made on the premises.

Other animal skins used include crocodile, stingray, and snake.

A shopaholics’ paradise, this place has a wide range of authentic leather goods.

There is also a large range of high-quality fur clothing options available here, to select from. This is one of the leading places offering such products in great variety and volume.

Started in the year 2012, it also has a collection of branded cosmetics and souvenirs from around the world.

This is a one-stop shopping place for all your needs all about leather…sheepskin .python crocodile ostrich stingray..etc..feel nature, wear the nature

Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00 am – 6:00 pm

Location: 171/4 Pattaya North Road, Naklua

Tel: +66 (0)3 842 3317


Facebook: ToscanoShoppingMall


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