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Beach footpaths get makeover for more accessability

A groundbreaking sustainable design initiative was launched on December 12, transforming the beach area into a haven for all.

Located strategically opposite Soi 13/2 on Beach Road, the project focused on revamping the pathway leading to the beach. The transformation involved a complete redesign, accompanied by the installation of clear signage, ramps, and comfortable benches. The motivation behind the initiative was to address the challenges faced by foreign tourists unfamiliar with the area and the struggles encountered by pedestrians maneuvering through the narrow and uneven pathway, particularly those with strollers, wheelchairs, or young children.

A city official explained, “Our aim was to create an inclusive space that offers accessibility to everyone, irrespective of their mobility or language. We also wanted to enhance the visual appeal and environmental sustainability of the beach area, using only eco-friendly materials and designs.”

The public response to the project has been overwhelmingly positive, with locals and visitors appreciating the improved accessibility and convenience of the beach area. One particularly delighted beneficiary was a wheelchair user who frequently visits the beach. They expressed their joy, saying, “I’m thrilled with the changes. It used to be incredibly difficult for me to reach the beach, and I felt like I was missing out on the beauty and joy of Pattaya. Now, I can fully relish the beach with ease and comfort.”

This ambitious makeover is not just a win for pedestrians. It is expected to boost the tourism and economy of Pattaya while fostering the well-being and happiness of the local community and visitors alike. So, get ready to embrace the beach bliss in a more accessible and inclusive Pattaya!


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