Despitate man threatens to jump from top of police tower


Despitate man threatens to jump from top of police tower

A man, distraught over the failure by police to locate his runaway wife, scaled a communications tower at Royal Thai Police headquarters in Bangkok on Thursday morning.

As efforts continued to talk the man down, a giant airbed was deployed on the ground beneath in the hope of cushioning his fall if he chose to jump

Samorn dropped his identification card and household registration document to the ground and begged police to find his wife, Krissasna Khambai, 25.

Jor Sor 100 traffic radio station reported that the man had called there in recent days seeking help in locating his wife after she fled home following a quarrel.

It reported that Samorn had filed a formal complaint at Bang Sue police station on November 30, asking police to help.

As of 11am, Samorn Khambai, 43, was still sitting atop the tower, equivalent in height to a six-storey building. Source: Asia Nation


  • Phil. L

    What headline is that, I appeal to your editor to proof read the articles. Terrible English yet again from Pattaya One

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

      Maybe I could be useful to them in that department .

      • Chris Snell

        I doubt you would be of any use at all ,for every story you wrote about would have to have the words pedo pom in it you nicompoop ,”20 buffalos got hit by a train load of pedo poms swilling on changs on their way back to the rock island they come from ” doesnt really sound believable does it charlie .

        • Ricksanchez

          I read that one, true story.

    • soidog

      Try a few British papers mate.they are no better.

  • Glockandspiel

    These lazy, attention seeking, drama queen, cry baby antics of this man is probably part of the reason his wife left him in the first place. Rather than be out working this man threatens to end his life by lazing around on a six foot tower.
    To put everyone out of their misery this man should jump. Alternatively, after deflating the airbed, the Keystones can assist him by pushing him off the tower and filing the case as suicide.

  • Sly

    He can have mine.

  • Charles Baht Esquire.

    As you can see the difference in cultures here the drunkard farangs always choose the ramshackle balcony approach and the Thais go for the out in the open communications towers or radio towers usually in daylight hours for their attention seeking two hours of fame moment the farangs are no better .

    • foreskin

      Wish you would jump off a balcony. However should you decide to do so, please let me know. The reason for my request is so I can piddle on your face whilst you are in your death throes.

      • Charles Baht Esquire.

        you poor old pedo Poms with no prospects and no hope in life hiding in Thailand from the pedo police back on your rock Island of cretin England rule the waves with the balcony loser swan diving .

  • Ken Anderson

    What a pity there wasn’t a dozen of them climbed up there together, that way they might actually have succeeded, we are all fully aware a Thai man is generally incapable of doing anything successfully when he is all alone.

  • Chris Snell

    Good heavens the man should be rejoicing not trying to kill himself no woman is worth that he should get a hold of kenny rip down to the cheap charlie bar sing a few songs about the old blighty swurl a few changs blame the rfd for getting him drunk and stager on home kicking a few soi dogs on the way ,wake up in the morning realize his wife is back THEN go down and jump of the tower as his life will be back to misery again .

  • Mike Murphy

    “Despitate” hindi ?

  • soidog

    How is it plod’s job to find your Missus if she clutters off? He is likely desperate cos she pays for his keep.