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Dutchman attacked in Beer Bar Soi Naklua

Dutchman attacked in Beer Bar Soi Naklua

At around 3:00am on July 3rd, a Dutchman made his was into the Pattaya police station to report an incident where he had been attacked at a small beer bar in Soi Naklua.

The victim had already been to hospital for treatment of his injuries, which were not serious, before making his way into the police station to file the report.

The injuries sustained included a gash to the forehead, as well as a few other smaller cuts and bruises elsewhere.

He told police that he had been walking around the Naklua area and decided to stop off at a local beer bar for a few refreshments.

He sat down at the bar and ordered his drink as normal. A short time later the bar owner came around and sat next to him.

Being the friendly guy he is, the victim put his arm around the owner for a hug, but ended up being a little too heavy handed and the pair ended up falling to the ground.

At this point, a few young Thai males got involved thinking that the victim was causing trouble and a glass ashtray was smashed over his head.

Blood started pouring from the open wound and bar staff tried to break up the fight.

The victim was taken to a nearby police post to report the incident, but was urged to to straight to hospital to prevent the further loss of blood. Once he had been treated he was advised to go to Pattaya police station to report the incident.

Police took the victim’s statement and will be following up the case in the next couple of days.

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