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Foreign Bikers causing problems in South Pattaya

Foreign Bikers causing problems in South Pattaya

More reports have been received by Pattaya police regarding foreign bikers, mainly Arabs, causing a lot of problems in South Pattaya

Pattaya police felt enough was enough and so early in the morning of July 4th, almost 100 police officers accompanied by some army officers were deployed.

They set themselves up around the Soi VC and Soi Yen Sabai area of South Pattaya, well known for Arab tourists.

The most recent reports from the area came on a popular Thai Facebook page and complained of loud noise and street racing from the boy racers who “looked middle Eastern”

Sure enough, as police arrived at the scene there was a gang of what is though to have been around 100 tourists all gathered round their bikes.

Police approached the gang, but at first they denied that the bikes belonged to them. After reassuring the gang that they were only here to warn them, they opened up and admitted to revving the bike engines and showing off in general.

No arrests were made but a warning was made by police that more serious action would take place in future if they did not change there behavior. they were also warned that they should be carrying an international or Thai driving licence at all times whilst driving on Thai roads.



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