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Prosecutors drop breast-fondling case against doctor

Prosecutors drop breast-fondling case against doctor

Breast-Fondling Case:

NAKHON RATCHASIMA: Prosecutors have dropped the case against a private hospital director accused by 11 factory workers of wrongfully fondling their breasts during their annual health examination last year.

The Office of Sikhiu Provincial Prosecutors disclosed on Wednesday that it had issued a
letter on Oct 25 notifying the Sung Noen police chief of its decision not to indict
hospital director Anan Lohapattanabamrung for alleged indecent assault because the
women had withdrawn the charges.

Earlier, a group of 11 women employees of Siam Fukoku factory lodged a complaint
with Sung Noen police, accusing Dr Anan of sexually harassing them during the
factory’s annual physical health check-up on Nov 17.

According to the complaint, each patient was alone with the doctor in the examination room. He allegedly unzipped their uniform tops and fondled their breasts. The annual check-up was not supposed to include breast cancer screening.

Dr Anan, 55, said the prosecution’s decision brought an end to the case. According to Dr Anan, the decision was proof of his innocence, and cleared him of anaccusation that had tarnished his medical image.

The complainants had earlier requested 50,000 baht each in compensation from him,
but he had decided to fight the case in court, he said.

There were no negotiations to settle the matter because he was confident in his

Dr Anan again insisted their health check-ups followed standard procedure, and he had
neither sexually harassed nor indecently assaulted any patient, as earlier alleged.

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