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Driver Sits On Car Roof After Crash

Driver Sits On Car Roof After Crash

This is the bizarre moment a BMW driver sat on the roof of his car smoking a cigarette after causing a motorway crash.

The driver was trying to overtake another car when he clipped it on a busy highway in Bangkok on March 5 afternoon.

Dashcam footage shows how the black BMW was jostling and trying to get through the heavy traffic before it smashed the grey sedan while changing lane.

After pushing the other car and a minivan off the road, the ”arrogant” driver of the brand new black BMW stopped in the middle lane.

Instead of trying to drive or push his car onto the hard shoulder, he climbed onto the roof and sat smoking, while being cursed by other driver for causing the traffic jam.

One resident, who filmed him sitting on his car roof, said: ”He didn’t care about the crash he had just caused. He was so arrogant. It made me really angry. He was deliberately causing a traffic jam by not moving his car.”

Police took the driver, who was not named, for investigation today (06/03). He told officers that he was frustrated as the other cars were driving too slowly and he could not easily cut in front of them.

He said: ‘’I didn’t think I had done anything wrong. I was just trying to get off the highway as fast as I could.’’

Police Colonel Samitti Sarod, the chief of Khu Khot Police Station, said that the BMW owner was arrested and released on suspicion of reckless driving on the public road.

The chief said: “His driving behavior caused damage towards cars and innocent civilians. The maximum fine for reckless driving does is 10,000 Baht (240 GBP).

‘’We were also going to interview the other people in the crash to see if he had caused more damage to their vehicles.’’

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