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Road Rage Motorcyclist Experiences Instant Justice

Road Rage Motorcyclist Experiences Instant Justice

This road rage motorcycle instantly regretted smashing another driver’s window after dozens of bystanders set upon him and made a citizen’s arrest.

The moped rider in shorts and flip-flops was furious after being honked at on a road in Hat Yai, southern Thailand, on Monday, morning.

When he pulled up alongside the black Nissan he picked up a lump of concrete and smashed the driver’s window. He then repeatedly slammed the door while threatening the motorist and an elderly bystander.

The road rage lunatic was about to ride away when the driver emerged from his car and with the help of the second man, wrestled the attacker to the ground.

Several Good Samaritans then came to help and pinned the scooter rider against the central reservation in a citizen’s arrest before police arrived to take him to the station.

The driver who recorded the incident on their dash cam footage said the fight started because the moped rider was angry that the truck has used its horn at him.

He said: ”I didn’t want to leave my car and get involved. But I could hear that the motorcycle rider was upset that he had been honked further down the road.

”He should have forgotten about it and rode away but he took a rock with him and attacked the car. He wasn’t expecting the driver to fight back and other people to help. It’s lucky that there is a lot of evidence from people recording it. The police arrested him before he had chance to leave.”

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