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Woman Says Drinking Her Own Urine Every Day Keeps Her Healthy

Woman Says Drinking Her Own Urine Every Day Keeps Her Healthy

How do you start your morning? With a strong black coffee? Milk, two sugars? Maybe with a glass of warm piss? No? Well, that’s what Kayleigh Oakley does, and she said she’s never felt better.

Kayleigh, 33, says since drinking her own urine her has helped boost her low immune system, give her more energy and left her with clear skin.

She says that prior to knocking back her wee, she was often left bed-bound for days, but now that’s all changed.

“It was almost instant,” she said.

“Drinking urine can’t harm you and I view it as a medicine. We don’t think twice about taking drugs bought over the counter, with side-effects, yet urine has no side-effects and it works really well.

“A lot of expensive skin brands contain urea, which is excreted in urine, so I have also got a really expensive product for free.”

Kayleigh says she was just four when doctors diagnosed her with a low immune system as she grew older she continued to struggle with constant tiredness and pain in her muscles. Aged 15 she was told she had Hashimoto’s diseases, an autoimmune condition which causes an under-active thyroid.

And that wasn’t the end of her health problems, two years later she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which causes pain all over, and chronic fatigue.

After living feeling tired and pain for years, Kayleigh decided on a new regime, which included a raw vegan diet, yoga and drinking urine, and within days she said she felt a lot better.

She said: “I heard that urine can reset the immune system, promote general good health, and is good for the skin.

“It is also an ancient yogic technique, so thought I would give it a go.

“I had an extreme amount of energy, it was amazing.”

Adding: “I have never been horrified by the thought of drinking it and my friends and family accept what I do. We are conditioned to think drinking urine is unclean, but it’s just a sterile filtration of the blood.”

She even uses her pee as a skin treatment.

“Urine works really well to clear your skin up,” she added. “If you have any hormonal issues with it. So, I use it as a moisturiser, just putting some on a cotton wool and popping it on my skin before I jump in the shower. It moisturises and helps exfoliate too.”

So, every morning, Kayleigh collects some of her mid-flow urine in a glass and drinks it. She gets rid of the first and last parts, as she thinks that it can contain toxins and sediment.

She continued: “We are exposed to so many external environmental toxins, if you have ill-health it’s about trying to find a more natural health to improve it.

“Now I need less sleep and wake up naturally at 5am without an alarm. A combination of my diet and yoga practice, as well as drinking urine every day, has helped to cure me.”

But, never mind all of that, what does it actually taste like? Well, according to Kayleigh, not that bad.

She said: “It doesn’t taste of much. It’s a bit salty and you can taste some minerals, but because I have a vegan diet, it isn’t strong.”

However, not everyone is on board with the idea, Aisling Pigott, a dietician and spokesperson from British Dietetic Association, said: “There is no evidence or advice which would encourage anybody to drink their own urine. The body, in particular the kidneys, does an effective job at removing toxins and excretes urine.

“Therefore, drinking this again is not beneficial, could potentially be harmful and could cause infection.”

I reckon I’ll stick to black coffee then.

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