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Deadpool Actor charms the Welsh crowds


You must adore the FA Cup.

No, I mean it. Do you not just adore it? With a 3-3 draw, it’s safe to say that the tournament’s weekend finale between non-league team Wrexham AFC and Championship team Sheffield United delivered in more ways than one.

Only a seventh goal by the home team could have improved the six-goal thriller, at least in the eyes of the neutral. Even Ryan Reynolds, the Hollywood actor and co-owner of Wrexham, would have been so enthralled at that time that I believe he would have lost all of his senses and, like his anti-superheroic film character Deadpool, would have leaped out of the stands and lost all of his limbs.

The match had a thrilling atmosphere and everything else you could wish for in an FA Cup match. With four of the six goals on the night coming in the second half, four agonizingly close chances, and a red card against the visitors, the second half was extremely thrilling.

Despite having an extra player, it was a tragic Hollywood ending for the hosts as John Egan’s injury-time strike saved Sheffield United, sending the game back to Bramall Lane for a rematch.

Putting aside intangibles, it’s critical to keep in mind how successful Wrexham has been since Reynolds and Rob McElhenney assumed control of the Welsh team and hired their man Phil Parkinson as coach.

In addition to winning the FA Cup, they are also tied for first in the National League and play as though they belong two leagues higher. For Sheffield United, who haven’t lost since November 8, they were more than a match. Oh, and Paul Mullin is just the best. In this division, he has no right to compete.

No matter what transpires in the rerun, season two of “Welcome to Wrexham” will undoubtedly be crazy.

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