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UK Passport fees to go up

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Do you need a new UK passport? To save money, apply before the end of the month.
From February 2, 2023, application fees for UK passports will increase.

The price of applying for a passport has increased for the first time in five years.

According to the administration, the increased levies will lessen the service’s reliance on taxpayer funding and improve it.

The costs will cover the cost of application processing as well as abroad consular services including replacing lost or stolen passports as well as processing British nationals at UK borders.

Both new passport applications and renewal applications will be subject to the higher prices.

How much will the cost of a UK passport increase?

The charge for a basic online passport application made from within the UK would increase under the proposals, which are under consideration by the Parliament, from £49 (€55) to £53.50 (€60) for adults and from £75.50 (€85) to £82.50 (€93) for youngsters.

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For adults, postal applications will go up from £85 (€96) to £93 (€105), and for kids, from £58.50 (€66) to £64 (€72).

What are the passport costs in the UK in comparison to other European nations?
Adults in France must pay €86 to apply for a passport from within the nation. However, if you need a new passport because your old one is no longer blank or because your name or address has changed, you can get one for free.

Adult passports cost €73.50 in Italy. In 2014, a €40.29 yearly extra stamp duty was eliminated. Now that each application just requires a single payment, the total is €116.

The renewal cost for Spanish passports is €30, which is much less.

Adult passports are valid in all of these nations, including the UK, for ten years (or five years for those under age 30 in Spain).

However, because of Brexit, UK citizens must be careful to check the expiration date on their passports.

Before, British citizens were permitted to leave the EU up until the expiration date on their passports. As “third country nationals,” UK people are now subject to EU restrictions, which mandate that your passport remain valid for at least three months after the date you intend to depart the country you are visiting.

When should you submit your application for a UK passport?
Long before your trip, you should apply for or renew your passport. This can be done in the UK either online, which is the less expensive alternative, or by mailing a paper form.

Since January of last year, the UK government reports that more than 95% of ordinary passport applications have been handled in less than ten weeks.

You can pay extra for an urgent passport renewal application from within the UK if you require a quicker service.

The Online Premium service can be requested on the UK government website, but you must make a physical appointment to pick up your new passport at that location.

The earliest appointment you can get is two days after you apply, and the current price for this treatment is £177 (€199).

As an alternative, you can use the Fast Track option to have your updated passport delivered to your house one week following your visit. Currently, adults pay £142 (€160) and kids pay £122 (€137.50) for this.

In order to match the pricing increases for all other applications, priority service prices will also increase in February.

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