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Crazy 92,000 Baht Electric Bill for 1 Month

Crazy Electric bill through the roof for a poor Chonburi resident

A poor ChonBuri resident has taken to social media in an attempt to draw some attention and get some help regarding a crazy outstanding electric bill for 92,000 Baht.

Mrs. Pranorm Imnsatyaphong, 55 years old, received her extortionate bill back in August 2016. Since then, extra charges have been put on top and the bill now stands at over 100,000 Baht.

She said that her average bill varied between 100 baht and 350 baht per month, which she thought was normal, so when she received the bill for August she knew there must be some mistake. She immediately called the electric board, which came out to investigate. They agreed that the bill was incorrect as there were some problems with her meter.

“Kindly” they agreed to reduce her bill for her down to, wait for it………70,000 Baht! Not only that, but they even offered to let her pay 5,000 per month until it was all paid off.

Obviously Mrs. Imnsatyaphong refused to pay this bill too, as it way over the top. The modest house where Mrs. Imnsatyaphong lives has a 1 fridge, a TV, and an electric fan. Those items, as well as the main lights are the only things that use electricity.

The poor lady has been cut off for the last 3 months by the electric board, and has been forced to light candles at night, or go and stay with her children, who live nearby.

Thankfully, after going viral on social media, the electric board has now been forced to look into the issue more seriously and hopefully the situation will soon be dealt with sooner rather than later. It’s crazy though, that it has gone on for this long, and only because of the embarrassing exposure for the electric board, have they now agreed to do something about the situation.

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