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Bring forth love and generosity from Delirious Bar, Pattaya

Delirious Bar

Bring forth love and generosity from Delirious Bar, Pattaya

Take a look at why people come to Pattaya on holiday, Sun, life-style the food and people.. It is all here. 

I have been here for two years now and it has taken a while for me to understand the Thai Culture and the many other cultures we have from other people living here.

But it is in times like this that all our cultures have come together to help others in need. I have contact with friends and family back in England and everyone is still keeping to themselves and not wanting to help others in need.

 However here it is a different story. Today I went to Soi Chaiyapoon as my friend from Blur bar ( Night Wish Group) had invited me to pop down and see how they are helping others in need.

Many of the ladies from the Delirious Bar were out for about an hour or so today handing out food to the needy and this is a great example of just how amazing everyone can be when times are hard.

It is the genuine heartfelt feeling of goodwill from the actions of many people around Pattaya at the moment. And yes, it is probably happening all around Thailand but can only comment on what I see here in the city.

As we all know, the recent closure due to the spread of the virus has put so many people out of work and unable to afford to buy food and water for themselves and family.

The explosion of these catering operations around the city is quite amazing. People who no longer have jobs themselves are out feeding others that are less able.

Today is just one perfect example of why so many people from so many different backgrounds love to come to Thailand (and of course the other reasons).

On Wednesday David from the Blue bar will be out also giving away food and that will be done every Wednesday and don’t forget that all next week Nature Bar in Soi 6 will be handing out 500 meals a day right up until the 28th.

And please don’t forget that anyone is welcome to come and help or donate on any of these days at either places.

Please note that all this is just my own opinion and may not be same as everyone else. They may be all doing the same in England, but I can only say what I see and hear from friends.

Please be careful out there guys

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