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Shop owners are cautioned by Pattaya City not to impede parking spaces.

Acting in response to reports that business owners, including those of massage parlors, bars, and restaurants, had put chairs along the side of the road in an unauthorized attempt to reserve parking spaces in front of their places of business During inspections on Pattaya 2nd Road on May 19, Teerasak Jatupong, the head of the city hall’s Special Task Unit, discovered a row of chairs set up in front of the stores to discourage automobiles from parking there.

Shop owners, bar owners, and restaurant owners in Pattaya have a horrible practice of blocking the road in front of their establishments with chairs and other objects to prevent automobiles and motorcycles from parking there. They assert that it discourages shoppers from visiting their stores. Drivers leave the area in search of a secure parking space because they feel threatened and worry that their vehicles will be harmed while parked there. Ten chairs were taken away by the police, who also issued a 10,000 Baht fine warning to the business owners for blocking a public area.

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