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British Airways major outage ‘with flights grounded

British Airways has suffered a major outage with passengers claiming their flights have been grounded at Heathrow airport.

The company’s website and app were both down on Friday night.

The company said it is ‘investigating and working hard to resolve a technical issue’ and apologised to customers for the inconvenience.

It is the second time in a week it is suffering a systemwide outage.

The Independent has reported that all of BA’s flights from London’s Heathrow have been grounded.

Many passengers have complained that they are stuck in terminals waiting for flights with no idea what is going on.

One person tweeted: (‘BA) seems to be suffering a catastrophic systems failure atm. Website down. App down. Airport screens down. Sitting at the gate at T5 waiting to board but nobody seems to know what is happening.’

It is not clear what has caused the outage. In response to complaints on Twitter, BA said it will provide updates as soon as possible.

One person tweeted the company saying: ‘I haven’t been able to log in to book a flight for a couple of hours, please can you tell us what is happening and when we can get back on your website so we can book?’

Another person said: ‘Waiting for departure at T5 with no information, silent flight deck.’

A third wrote: ‘We’re not having a great evening are we. Just boarded our replacement aircraft & now the computers are broken (as well as our previous plane) company wide.’

Heathrow said its systems are operating as normal.

A spokesperson for the airport said: ‘Heathrow’s systems are operating as normal.

‘We are aware of a technical issue that British Airways are investigating and we will be working with them to provide updates to passengers as soon as they are available.’

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